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Upon success, can someone choose between a long haul and a short-haul job? More importantly, our culture. The most up-to-date information about our airline: Network developments, improvements to our services, fleet developments as well as many other useful or interesting aspects of our service. Condor Ab-Initio Pilot Program This site uses cookies. Robin Acton has been involved in basic pilot training since 1968 and was British Airway’s manager responsible for pilot recruitment and selection in the late 1980s. Privacy Statement - The programme is being launched in partnership with Escuela de Aviacion Mexico (EAM), located near to the Airbus Mexico Training Centre. Austrian Airlines Pilot Recruitment / Ab Initio and Ready Entry application / Pilot Academy. Training lasts around 2 years and consists of both theory and practical flying in an integrated course. Home; Careers; Jobs in the Air; Jobs in the Air. I applied when it was not a requirement. Kenya Airways, a member of the Sky Team Alliance, is a leading African airline flying to 51 destinations worldwide, 43 of which are in Africa and carries over three million passengers annually.It continues to modernize its fleet with its 32 aircrafts being some of the youngest in Africa. Steps to apply for “Ab-Initio” programme: To participate in the selection process, the applicant must fill the application form by the following link In case of any questions don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail The best resource for low hour pilot recruitment on the web. The whole process is really rigorous and only people who meet the benchmarks for each stage move to the next one. All rights reserved. Assuming you meet the standards and display the required level of performance, you will then be eligible for accelerated command via … I applied to the program in late November. I'm currently going through the Kenya Airways AB initio pilot recruitment process, I just want to document what I've seen over the past two months for posterity. Singapore Co. Reg. Cookie Policy - Training; SIM Engineering; Line Maintenance; Heavy Maintenance; Head Office; IT. Others require a candidate to have a Minimum Number of Flight Hours and Ratings prior to entering the Scheme. Contact Us - Advertising - As you work your way through the ranks, there will be ample opportunities for progress to a Captain, and further develop your skills in the Technical, Training or Management track for those who are assessed to be suitable. Ab Initio Pilot Trainee, Airline Jobs, Kenya Airways Jobs. ☰ Home; Events; Student Life; Videos; Meet The Plug; Lifestyle; SHOP; Contact; Career. You can view and manage your cookie settings anytime. ENAC: technical leader in … As you work your way through the ranks, there will be ample opportunities for progress to a Captain, and further develop your skills in the Technical, Training or Management track for those who are assessed to be suitable. Thanks for the info but I tend to believe they wouldn't have re-introduced the program without securing a financial partner to begin with, it would be counterproductive to say the least. 197200078R. Its ridiculously competitive, over 300 people start the interview process. Please note that applications for Pilot positions in Singapore are currently closed. The education starts primo april. Posts: 2 2019 Application. Through this programme, SIA will take you in as a trainee with zero flying experience, put you through a training programme to help you attain your Commercial Pilot Licence. Hey for those who completed AB Initio program, How long does it take? Do Not Sell My Personal Information -. Over the next two decades, Airbus estimates that growth in air traffic will result in the recruitment of over 500,000 new aircraft pilots. Do check our career website for future recruitment. A320 Online Training Package  Airline Assessment Guides; Airline Pilot Interview Tips; Boeing 737NG Simulator No previous flying experience is required. However I reveived an attomated reply "We have received the profile you submitted to our company. Good day, I submitted my application amd am glad there is a great forum such as this to share with other prospective cadets. There's the 2019 advert for the KQ Ab Initio Pilot Trainee programme. It looks like they did not get enough candidates. Since 2004, CAE has provided easyJet with a wide range of training programmes, including ab-initio, type and recurrent training in addition to, pilot recruitment and resourcing services. Registration is free of charge and may be cancelled at any time. The airline has announced plans to recruit training pilots in the next 10 months that will then be absorbed by the airline. No. Reply Subscribe . As part of your career, you will undergo a rigorous training program to equip yourself with the highest flying standards. By choosing to go back, you'll be taken to the home page of our current website. IndiGo: India's largest and fastest growing low-fare airline has signed a new ab-initio pilot training contract with CAE for the creation of over 200 additional professional pilots through 2018. However the requirements changed when I was waiting for an interview invite. You say it is your second time applying, did you manage to get to the interview. KQ refused to process without a degree. Ab-Initio is a Latin term meaning "from the beginning" and is a process that takes a student pilot from the beginning of training, mentors them throughout pilot training, and ensures the pilot an airline career upon being rated and certified in a particular type of jet aircraft. I have enjoyed my 15 years in the company entering direct after completing my ab-initio training in USA. Updated regularly. Knowledge is the main key to your success, we provide the instructors for the ultimate learning experience. Kenya Airways AB Initio Pilot Recruitment. Nevertheless, we should expect the interviews to start some time next month or Feb God willing. All the best to the applicants. Condor Pilot Recruitment - Ab-Initio program CAP ( CPL / IR and low hour pilot accepted ) Condor is offering its Ab-Initio program (CAP) course aim to candidates who wish to obtain the multi crew pilot license (MPL) and pursue a career as First Officers. Wide variety of flying — from flying domestically, to enjoying the Caribbean, to exploring Europe/Asia, United’s route structure takes you there. Learn more . Please note that applications for Pilot positions in Singapore are currently closed. INSTRUCTOR RECRUITMENT. Join Date: Nov 2019. CONTACT US. Hey Javier, good luck on your application. Genuine low hour commercial airline pilot and general aviation jobs. Those who have already joined as FOs and captains, please give us an insight of what to expect during the process. Use of this site indicates your consent to the Terms of Use. Thanks! When did you apply the first time? Training. Overview. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. I hate to be the bearer of bad news and I hope I am wrong but I hear the ab initio program has been suspended yet again. Two definitions – Ab Initio and Type Rating – can be confusing when you are a newcomer in the sphere of aviation. Pilots can expect: Pre-simulator briefing; Company presentation; Simulator assessment in a B737-800 simulator – 45 minutes as both pilot flying and PNF. The time it takes to commence the interviews depends on many factors some of which are not within the airline's control. Thread Tools Search this Thread 26th Nov 2019, 18:10 #3261 C.D Brooks . Flexible Availability Reliable Crew Member Well trained in advance Committed to satisfy. As part of your career, you will undergo a rigorous training program to equip yourself with the highest flying standards. PILOT RECRUITMENT. © 2020 Singapore Airlines. Pilot Role. At easyJet, we have a huge passion for flying and we keep this alive by bringing the latest technologies to the Flight Deck, flying to the greatest destinations in Europe and we surround ourselves with the best people. Ab Initio Cadet Pilot (Singapore) 2020. The day begins with an introduction to Ryanair and the recruitment team. Our Pilots are enthusiastic, talented and customer focused. Second time applicant after not being called the first time. I couldn't have said it better myself. The program has a long history of success through partnerships with world leaders in ab-initio … Archive - Picture: Viktor Lazslo. You will need to operate the right-hand seat for a minimum of 700 stick hours and complete two Pilot Proficiency Checks (PPC’s). Do check our career website for future recruitment. It would be really hard to believe that KQ are making arrangements with financial insitutes as they go along. Any transaction you haven't completed on this page of our new website will no longer be valid. “The job as a pilot in SAS is very interesting and with a lot of challenges. No. In addition, many airlines commence their Cadet Training at the 'ab-initio' stage – taking students with zero flight hours and training them over a number of years. Validation: An independent validation of the COMPASS product has been carried out by Mr. Wouter Tooren of the University of Amsterdam as the final practice part for his study psychologist. For airlines currently experiencing or anticipating a high demand of pilots, qualified pilot-training centers that work in partnership with Jeppesen and Boeing Flight Services around the world are available to help provide highly qualified aviation professionals into the market. Pilot Training Partners; Engineering. In order to meet this demand, the European aircraft manufacturer has launched an ab initio Pilot Cadet Training Programme. Ab Initio Pilot Training. The cheapest way to get your CPL in Singapore is through the SIA Ab Initio Cadet Pilot programme. Please note that applications for Pilot positions in Singapore are currently closed. Embark on an exciting career as a Pilot with us and you’ll be flying one of the most modern aircraft and fuel-efficient fleets in the skies. Terms of Service - Patience is crucial. Ryanair Labs Dublin; Ryanair Labs Wrocław; Ryanair Labs Madrid; Ryanair Labs Portugal; Malta Air; Buzz; Lauda; Graduate Programmes 2021. From 20 January 2018, you'll enjoy clearer choices when it comes to booking with new fare types to suit the way you travel. Furthermore, you will master any challenges, which may occur during the flight with confidence and skill. We thank you for your interest and would like............" does this mean it went through? Hey hey everyone. CAE will be training and mentoring these pilots throughout the Program. Hi Javier, I have also been trying to apply but I am not sure the application went through since on my job portal it shows there is a draft submission. About Us; Advertise With Us; Contact Us; Forum; Join Our Mailing List; News; Pilot Blog; Site Map; Pilot Selection Preparation. By logging into your account, you agree to our. Maintenance and Engineering. I have also applied. Regional issues that affect the numerous pilots who work in this area of the world. Location: Rhapta. It is recommended that you use the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge instead. A short recap of regulations, aircraft management abilities and experience are presented to highlight differences between the two major aviation training types. Direct Entry Captains - Rapid Command Course Wizz Air currently has positions open for both A320 Type Rated and Non- Type Rated Captains with previous commander experience on large aircraft.Please click on either of the following links to apply: Captain type-rated. Seen the deadline has been extended. Hi everyone. I also serve our country as a member of the Air National Guard as a KC-135 instructor pilot and Deputy Group Commander in Aircraft Maintenance. Home. Your application form will be considered with a delay. It may take a while to get a response. Worldwide Experience … Training takes place at a selected flying school in Denmark. Should you be advised otherwise, please email us the details via We have detected that you're using an out of date browser. You are about to log out from corporate booking account.Do you want to continue? The Jetstar Cadet Pilot Program is an outstanding opportunity designed to equip successful graduates with the skills, qualifications and experience required for a future career as an airline pilot. By continuing to use the website, you will be agreeing to our Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions and Cookie Policy. Contact; Welcome; Contact Austrian Airlines Pilot Recruitment Dear Applicants Due to the fact that our selection process is in connection with Lufthansa AG at the German Aerospace Center (DLR), it is not possible to complete the selection process in English. All the best to us. The airline will take graduates from different backgrounds and train them from scratch to the point where they . I have flown MD80, B737 and now the Airbus 320. Waiting patiently for an invitation to interview and want to take … The education is eligible for students' grants. Ab Initio Cadet Pilot (Malaysia) Please note that applications for Pilot positions in Singapore are currently closed. Please note that Singapore Airlines does not request for payment or fees for the processing of job applications either directly or through its appointed agencies. What’s your favorite part about flying for United? Ab-Initio Personal information Important information: Due to the impact of the Covid-19, some of our roles have been postponed. From ab-initio to Line-Trainer, our pilots are pre-selected, well trained and fully ready to join your company. As a pilot you shouldn’t expect a nine-to-five job; work may be required at any hour of the day. Was a degree a requirement at that time? This will be a great forum throughout the process. Data protection notice for recruitment Newsletter. Since you believe that actions speak louder than words, we will keep it short. Do check our career website for future recruitment. The entire cost of getting your licence ($150,000) is fully sponsored. I was left in the cold. Navigation aufklappen/zuklappen. After completing their initial training with EAM, cadets will qualify at the Airbus Mexico Training centre to become Airbus A320 pilots. Let's not lose hope, I for one wont be. Welcome. We The Plug!! Pilot recruitment – Current vacancies. Professional Pilot Training (includes ground studies), The Pacific: General Aviation & Questions, Safety, CRM, QA & Emergency Response Planning, Computer/Internet Issues & Troubleshooting. Since 2009 BAA Training has been providing Ab Initio training for those with little or no previous flight experience in aviation. All Rights Reserved. Kenya Airways Cadet Pilot Programme. Do check our career website for future recruitment. If you wish to continue on this browser, you'll encounter a degraded experience of, By using the website, you are agreeing to our, As a pilot on one of our modern aircraft, you will ensure the smooth running of our flights at all times. With the first cadet program launched in 2016 BAA Training not only opened more ways for the future pilots to pursue their dream, but allowed airlines to secure their operations with professional, organization-oriented flight crews. Who are in? To help meet this demand, it is launching the Airbus Pilot Cadet Training Programme to include ab initio training. Copyright � 2018 MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands.

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