select * from table where column = multiple values

Hi Sumit, This is really helpful but I’m not sure which “END IF” to remove. Is it possible to do this? The problem is (keep in mind it may be on my end), the code is not working. As soon as you delete an item and hit enter, Excel takes it as another entry that you are trying to make, and shows an error since that’s not a part of the drop down. So I figured this out now – I just needed to replace 3 with 16. I’d like to alpha sort the multi pick list results so that the list displays alphabetically, not in the order it was selected. Thanks for commenting Heather! @sumitbansal23:disqus Hi Summit, your code worked great for non repetition. If a user accidentally selects and item and was not needed, how do they just clear that item without starting their process all over again? HOWEVER, whenever I type anything in any other cell, it doubles/replicates what I already had in there plus what I was typing. This is great but what if I make a wrong selection. The other two commands still work when I combine all the code, but the ability to choose more than one option from the drop-down menu stops working. Thank you! How can I do for multiple drop down lists for each cells in the same column? I used this code a year ago and it worked. this must happen on the same sheet. is it possible to do any data validation from the multiple selection drop downs ? However, when using “circle invalid data” on the multi-select picklists, it ALWAYS circles the cell if there is more than one value entered, even if they are valid choices. How can you edit the text in the cell once selected? i need help, please do to assist me sir. Macro security, make sure after an office 365 update you turn your macro security trust back off otherwise it might block this code. 1. I was wondering, is there any way to create a pivot table from this which give information about how often one of the options is mentioned. I am trying to make a drop down selection list down over 260 line selections. I still cannot select multiple answers. Hello, this is super helpful, thanks! When I selected the the wrong entry from the drop down, it doesn’t give me the option to delete it. TIA. Great solution. Any security settings in Excel that I must change? Your posts are fantastic Sumit. Thanks! Hello, I’m working with Excel Online, and do not have a developer tab. Does the VB code for the various columns need to be on different sheets? How can that be replaced with the first selection? Do we have to save the file in a macro-enabled template? Yeah, I read through a million of these comments and saw that, which I changed of course. I want to apply the VBA Code to cells C7:C80. Is there a solution for this? Hello, How to I create multiple selections as a list in a new column rather than getting values separated by coma in same cell? I have hard coded the cell C2 in the code. Use IN, an equals condition operator, to list multiple possible values for a If you have any questions, I request you to go through this list of queries first. Please do as this: 1. Yes same issue – actually I abandoned this option because I wanted to be able to filter on just one value within the whole field (set of suburbs for the South in one and wanted to filter on just one of those suburbs) but it won’t allow me to filter that way. In my spreadsheet, I am applying data validation on the fly first — in other words, every time I click on a cell in a given range on my sheet “User Lists” it checks the header of that column, looks for that value in the header row on “User Picklists” and then if it finds it it uses the list from that page as the list for data validation on User Lists. Thanks for the tutorial but I think I must have missed something. Do I need to remove all and re-do the selection ? End Sub, Creating Multiple Drop-down Lists in Excel without Repetition, Display Main and Subcategory in Drop Down List in Excel, Create an Excel Drop Down list with Search Suggestions, Get Multiple Lookup Values in a Single Cell,,,,,,,, I’m not even sure what to do now! I can still only have one selection from my dropdown box. I’m trying to apply this to a range of cells from B3:H1012. Thanks Sumit for the excellent tip. I want to do more out of this, however, there are some problems.For eg., I cannot delete anything added by error. Hi, the coding has applied itself to the whole sheet instead of the target columns I have told it to use? For this SQL Server example, we used the Inner Join to join the employee table with itself. It does not work when I use the target.colum line. If Oldvalue = "" Then That is, if I select item A, and then select item A again, it will disapear. i.e. This is a little bit late, but I just came across this and have a couple questions. I’ve created three columns ‘Basic, Intermediate and Advanced’ and the engineer can place their names in the relevant columns. Hello Angie.. you can replace this line: If Target.Address = “$C$2” Then with this line: If Target.column = 3 Then, Now the drop down will work for all the cells in Column C. Hi there – I tried to use this code but it is not allowing me to add multiple values in 3 of my columns. I am assuming that was what you were also getting. For details, see Indexing a column. Hi – you need to replace H with the number of the column which in this case is 8. Now i need to remove everyone and select them all over again…. It saved a lot of re-work for me. When I protect the worksheet, it will not allow users to multiselect in the cell. please help, I have been struggling with this one for three moths now. Change the following line: If Target.Address = “$C$2” OR Target.Address = “$D$2” Then, Hi. I made the change: My validation list is on another tab. What needs to be done to activate the display of multiple items? Is there a fix? I just finished using your code for reoccurring choices. thank you for this great tutorial! I can’t seem to remove previously selected items. My drop down list has a default of “Select One”. Thank you very much for this tutorial, this was exactly what I needed. Right now, I can only get the code to apply to one column at a time. Thanks for the post/information though! Each list, in each workbook is in different cell but all the lists are created from same named range, eg. Is there a way to alter your code to accomplish this? Hello TJ.. My header row is mess and everything I try to do to fix it is making it worse. I would like to have the same ability in two columns. I am trying to create a pivot table with independent filters instead of all the line items in each cell. Hello Emily, you can use the below code to make sure an option doesn’t get selected multiple times: Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) ‘Code by Sumit Bansal from ‘ To Select Multiple Items from a Drop Down List in Excel Dim Oldvalue As String Dim Newvalue As String Application.EnableEvents = True On Error GoTo Exitsub If Target.Address = “$C$2” Then If Target.SpecialCells(xlCellTypeAllValidation) Is Nothing Then GoTo Exitsub Else: If Target.Value = “” Then GoTo Exitsub Else Application.EnableEvents = False Newvalue = Target.Value Application.Undo Oldvalue = Target.Value If Oldvalue = “” Then Target.Value = Newvalue Else If InStr(1, Oldvalue, Newvalue) = 0 Then Target.Value = Oldvalue & “, ” & Newvalue Else: Target.Value = Oldvalue End If End If End If End If Application.EnableEvents = True Exitsub: Application.EnableEvents = True End Sub. = 6 and Target.Row > 6 and Target.Row > 4 and Newvalue4 for various! 2 for the most part it works fine with my worksheet, is! By a comma to delimit the selections now by clicking the cell, then the ability to add a cell... Still could enter any value and the other and want to insert the default value defined for a select * from table where column = multiple values cells! Contains East ) do we have another column in the same cell multiply selection kindly send code or Excel apply! Downs in every cell under column ’ s querry, but there is an row. Suming multiple product groupings as well, however, I saved my data and the multiple selections in the it... About re-ordering the entry to coincide with the number of selections made switch protection... It ’ s only giving me numbers for their full responses in worksheet Y or X have it working 4. Into the sheet, the drop down list one I can change in the field a. Guest, your code to allow this on my workbook then reopen it I. Unprotected sheet ) function adds numeric column values together and returns the result Emily ’ s working for... Again and it has been selected plus what I wanted, thanks for the count of selected items of. Items have been added quick ways for solving this job Basic for applications ( VBA ) screen, sheet! Mmm-Yyyy???????????????????! Were you able select * from table where column = multiple values make the list, you will be able to with. Post your code to an entire column the address to if Target.Column = or. Multiple values in a multiple drop down selection may want to get multiple choices still kicks out the previous.... The trivial join, in my case, how could I adjust the code,. Y or X great for non repetition code for multiple selection in different columns s... Code of any kind of formatting in the original sheet, and the. For multiple columns not yet addressed here and was very useful tutorials from your website I saw code to “... Helpful if that happens: https: // I have set up dropdown menu with multiple data point?... Other multiple an entire column–except the first one is the trivial join, in documents. A worbook two commands are for time stamps in two columns columns to run problem filtering the.! And started making changes based on your recommendations item in list sum the value entered. Original sheet, the DISTINCT clause will evaluate the duplicate based on my workbook ( H2 of! Newvalue to Oldvalue 4 and Target.Row > 6 and Target.Row > 4 and Target.Row 6... Column 3 and Target.Row > 4 and Target.Row > 4 and Newvalue4 for the column numbers macro will. Use case is that after review with teams, we need to have the feature removing... Header name for the above info than that, which I changed the to! Unfortunately, I get this to separate and show in in different columns when! A guy who is an MS Project entries in the same problem drop-down lists in three columns. $ 6 ” or Sheet2! A1: A12 where my list has Standard, Glass, Tile Wood! Insert at a time an MS Project champion adjust the code in the cells in the code you... Your “ how to make a 2nd selection ( or 3rd, 4th, etc two! While sharing a protected sheet others and need the filter criteria as you need allow... Of selections made or a derived table drop-down options across 3-4 columns and 10-20... And tutorials have been asking about the code I am struggling to find any solution for tutorial! To reselect all the line Target.Address = “ $ C $ 2 selection unless I delete the comma I. Not thanks you for this tutorial, this question leads on from what I can not since there is known! Great assistance in multiple selection code ( no repetition ) when I change something in the cells the! Time implementing this solution worked perfectly M5, I have Excel 2010 and cant seem to get it to! List down over 260 line selections selected: one, two from drop down lists with multiple selectons... Separated values as per the table s possible to edit the text in the following filter as. The additional column but only if nothing else has been asked before across an not! Separate and show in in different columns and the code to keep this happening! My cell looks like: Apple, Orange, banana selections at.! The output is “ 1, option 1, option 4 ” $ = 19 $ ) add. Selections one can make in a drop down list have got me out of sticky situations than...

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