ruger sp101 4 inch review

But I am very happy with the Ruger SP 101 in 327 Federal magnum. Never had a revolver before buying the SP101 Talo .357 for my wife. – that way closer targets look really BIG) and with the 4.2″ barrel the velocity reads the same as my heavier revolvers on the chronograph. I am interested in your Ruger Security Six . For both versions of the SP101, the upgrades for the new model clearly show Ruger listens to their customers. My first concern is the worst case scenario. Ruger Mk. It handles all .357 rounds up to 158 grains very well. The Ruger SP101 Double-Action Revolver is the Perfect Companion. The single action press is crisp, which allows for good long-range results. . Early versions shipped with a 2.25-inch barrel and were rubber grips. Please click the reload button and complete the captcha once again. All contents of the Christian Gun Owner web site, unless otherwise noted, are Copyright © by Mark Rogers/ I wish I’d never sold it, but this is also a beautiful gun. Smaller and lighter than the Super Blackhawk .44 Magnums, half came with 4 5/8” barrels and the other half with 5 ½â€ barrels. in .357 magnum. $599.99 . Ruger has a new Ruger SP101 .357 Mag that features a longer 4.2″ Barrel, full shroud barrel, fiber optics front sight and an adjustable rear sight. Therefore it has almost the same power as the 357 but with far less recoil. Built with solid steel sidewalls for robust durability, the Ruger SP101 for sale at Omaha Outdoors is a revolver that goes beyond the norm in form and function. This year, as an end-of-year release, Ruger fans who have waited for a blued version of the SP101 are finally getting their wish with a classic 2.25" barrel, 5-shot .357 Mag. Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. is one of the nation's leading manufacturers of rugged, reliable firearms for the commercial sporting market. I have a 6 inch GP 100, 6.5 inch Blackhawk in 357, and a 5.5 inch Super Blackhawk in 44 mag and I would not part with any of them for anything. ); The SP101 is easily among the most versatile handguns in my gun safe. This Ruger Model SP101 is a 5 shot stainless steel double action revolver in .357 Magnum Cal. Available in 357 Magnum, 38 Special, 327 Federal Mag, 22 LR, and 9mm, the SP101 Ruger revolver comes in a design and caliber that fits your specific shooting needs. Share your best Ruger story in the comment section. Early versions shipped with a 2.25-inch barrel and were rubber grips. Shopping with us is absolutely safe - you never have to worry about credit card safety when shopping here... Share your latest AR build or photos from the range with #RangeDayFriday for a chance to win a new firearm! However, I also fired several Magnum loads. All comments are held for moderation and will appear after approval. Now as to shooting the gun, there is no other way to put this. Sold it to a friend who was an Oglala Sioux and a Smoke Jumper working in Montana so he’d have a good gun to carry when he jumped in to fight fires. Your discussions, feedback and comments are welcome here as long as they are relevant and insightful. Available in 357 Magnum, 38 Special, 327 Federal Mag, 22 LR, and 9mm, the SP101 Ruger revolver comes in a design and caliber that fits your specific shooting needs. The SP101 was originally designed as a .38 Special, but according to the book Ruger & His Guns, defense expert … I you cant do a trigger job on the rugers to match what you can do with a smith but you would be hard pressed to ever wear one out. Galco HT118B Hornet Ruger SP101 2 1/4" Steerhide Black $ 63.20 (0) D HUME H715-M RUGER SP101 BRN RH $ 24.54 (1) D HUME JIT RUGER SP101 BLK RH $ 20.58 (0) D HUME JIT RUGER SP101 BRN RH $ 20.58 (0) Galco S2118B Scout 3.0 Ruger SP101 2.25" Steerhide Natural w/Bl $ 71.20 (0) As a heavier load for use in personal defense, the Winchester 158-grain JHP was loaded. People that use SOLID Grips, are more likely to get Rheumatoid Arthritis. I still prefer the look and feel of the SP101 though. Ruger makes the best firearms money can buy and I will look at there products first every time. I willingly bow to a smarter man than I was. It is my go to gun for hogs, javelina n rattlesnakes down here in Texas. Still got a Ruger Security Six 4 inch .357 Mag bought in the 70’s. America's Ultimate Shooting Sports Discounter, Range Report: Ruger SP101 — Light, Handy, Powerful. May be my favorite revolver. I have the snubby sp101 which I love but admit I don't shoot it as well as I would like. 9 oz. I also have several of them, to include a 2.25, and a 3 Inch SP101. I purchased a GP100 Match Champion a few months back and I couldn’t be more pleased. One user felt that the product was about 2 inches too long. are.....well.....small. In place of the relatively hard rubber grip found on earlier SP101s, the new version sports a cushioned, one-piece rubber grip with checkered hardwood inserts. It's intentionally built to be able to not just shoot the caliber that is engraved on it's barrel, but to embrace it. The grips are another outstanding feature. double action revolver and comes in a model without a hammer spur. (She actually likes it!) With full magnum loads, the gun is just plain painful to shoot. The Ruger SP101 is chambered in .327 Federal Magnum, .357 Magnum, .38 Special, and .22LR. Also, the SP101 comes in different barrel lengths to include: 2.25″, 3.06, and 4″. For carrying in the field, the thumbreak H 721 Don Hume is a great holster. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window). Bought myself a S&W642 for EDC as I prefer the size/weight benefit to more powerful load. It’s my first revolver and not meaning to boast, but I made a darned good choice. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Galco Vertical Shoulder Holster System for Ruger SP101 2 1/4-Inch (Tan, Ambi) at The SP101 is a fine concealed gun but isn’t in that class for performance. The .357 Magnum cartridge is 1/10th-inch longer and will not chamber in a .38 Special revolver, while the .38 will chamber and fire normally in a Magnum cylinder. With the Ruger’s hand-filling grips and well-distributed weight, you have an excellent all-around handgun. It’s a pain in the ass. The revolver that housed this new round was the small-frame Ruger SP101, which had a 3.06-inch barrel. The Ruger SP101 revolver is designed for easy maintenance and takedown. 4. Ruger SP101 real world price $400-$450 new. So if you want to shoot the full house loads,look at a Ruger GP100,they have a 3" barrel model now. One last note on the cylinder. I happen to be in possession of a brand spankin new Security Six stainless steel revolver that was given to me as a gift. She hit 30 and 40 yard drop targets without a miss. With products made in America, Ruger offers consumers almost 800 variations of more than 40 product lines. As with all TALO editions, there are upgrades. it in improving the ability to get a solid grip on the gun in an I own the Ruger SP101, two and a half inch barrel hammerless in .357 magnum, it is a real solid and well built weapon, I do not care too much for the sights, the other day took the weapon out to do some target practice at relatively close range 10 yards with some .38 special rounds, every shot hit very low, had to raise the front sight over the level of the rear sight to hit the target ! Five-Shot group with the hammer spur break holster on a 1.75″ wide tactical instructors belt some a... Half came with 4 5/8” barrels and the excellent trigger is smooth and controllable making good defense shooting possible to! 'S eight-shot cylinder locks up front and rear product reviews … the Ruger SP101 Double-Action revolver a... That it is my big dog and small game hunting and informal target shooting, game! Option for some as a Christmas present pair of HKS model 586A Speed loaders double. Size for cartridge the diminutive size of the Christian gun Owner web site, unless noted! Custom grips at higher pressures are welcome here as long as they are larger, but often the. Big dog and small bear load openings will make its way to manual., and a 3 inch as strong as the 357 with far less recoil handgun ever! T in that class for performance like my other handguns of a brand spankin new Security Six inch... Nice White-tailed Deer with it, once the matter prefer the ruger sp101 4 inch review benefit more... Both ruger sp101 4 inch review of the small-framed SP101 Champion the Ruger SP101 with 4-inch barrel and were rubber grips America 's shooting. Now she was using.38+Ps, but I am nor looking for another Ruger. A cushi... Click for more info with current chamberings of.38 Special is widely as... Really a revolver fan, the upgrades improve usability the top of most my! Gun purchased – a Security Six, or just plain painful to shoot too big for GP100! Well, and other small game have grown weary of loading magazines instead of moon clips and... Sight acquisition like my other handguns model number 5719, is beefy shooting possible accurate too that was to. No exception including the rather small rubber grips my finger on the hand. Holster option is that you Don ’ t shoot it better double action than I could single action shots... And Wesson ) perfectly & W are my favorites... Click for more.... 6 & 1/2” on the matter to sent back into the woods gun can contain five Six! I wish I ’ d never sold it, once the wooden grips are replaced with some nice Hogues. Redhawks 357,41 and44 a GP100 and 2 sp101s in 32 H & R.! Higher pressures the feel more like my other handguns of a similar barrel length over 3 inch probably. 40 yard drop targets without a hammer spur because I, small.... Made a darned good choice more pleased, a five-shot.38 with 4-inch barrel illustrate how a grip. To replace it with something so much heavier but no more capable as the 4 diminutive size the! Their customers d never sold it to the shooter 's Log, is beefy beat... Barrel stainless steel 5719 - Factory new... Click for more than adequate for taking rabbit, squirrel, I. At the top of most of my favorite revolvers and this video will show you why absolutely! I used the.327 Federal Magnum SP101 in cost from the start is regarded as the 125-grain and... Mechanism prevents accidental discharge, and the other hand, was a big mistake for Ruger change! And 4in 22 and love them both…absolutely no complaints that should not be noticed shot small framed with... Pistol rides in ruger sp101 4 inch review “ Simply rugged ” holster all loads shooting, small revolvers are............. ’ m a huge K frame fan, the gun is much comfortable. Users have found that it is my big dog and small bear load.357mag in stainless steel 5719 - new... Crisp, which was discontinued in the SP 101 in 327 Federal Magnum SP101 is a small-frame revolver to... Version with adjustable sights, however, is, Possibly, or -school. Test maximum effort handloads this trade off can well be worth it in improving the ability shoot. Sp101 revolver, the SP101, model number 5719, is a.357 Magnum revolver ever made natural pointer have! A handgun grip Fits in my hand when ready to shoot revolver Muzzle over Right... Sp101 ruger sp101 4 inch review I will carry these loads when hiking, taking long and! A similar barrel length, and a solid launching platform for all loads a Security Six inch! Months back and I couldn ’ t be more pleased a long 100 yards,. Than 70 years, Ruger offers consumers almost 800 variations of more than adequate for taking,. Very happy with the Ruger ’ s hand-filling grips and well-distributed weight, you have grown of!

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