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Although Hiatt is the leader of the Strike Team, it seems that Vic is still more hands-on. As the series moved toward a close, Vic finagled a Federal deal for full immunity from prosecution for every crime he admitted to. In a DVD commentary for season four, Chiklis mentions that the strike team members are from the same areas as the actors who portray them, implying that Mackey is a native of the Boston, Massachusetts area. And this is just about enough to make you a trafficker!" After a disgusted Agent Murray informed him that he had implicated Ronnie in "enough shit to send him to prison for the rest of his life," Vic promised to "string him along" until after the arrest of Mexican drug lord Guillermo Beltran. Lem was notably closer with Terry as shown by his reaction to the news of his death, and was acknowledged by Vic and Shane as being the most conscientious of the team, both facts which would prove problematic. "The Strike Team" is a … Vic Mackey : Write what I tell you. As his fellow officers kicked down the door, Shane shot himself in the head. These episodes convinced FX, but because of the delays in finalizing his contract, the Shane character was written out of three episodes. And that’s a hilarious story about the tricking extra. Prison ?” Shane contacted Vic to meet him alone. A new CBS All Access drama puts Michael Chiklis, best known as the corrupt detective Vic Mackey from “The Shield,” in a new position: an ex-border agent forced to see things from the other side. Often looks like a complete dick in the process. After being assured that Mackey was going to be moved out of the team, Julien accepted the promotion, and is now an official member of the Strike Team. She made it clear to Vic that if he deviated from the rules set for him it would be a violation of his immunity deal. Claudette made the offer to Julien, who was hesitant, mainly because of the thought of being partnered with Vic on a daily basis. Clark was eventually dismissed from the force for beating a suspect. Ronnie revealed to Vic that he had long suspected the latter's involvement and that he understood why Vic did what he did. What happened ?” Season 1 characters, Season 2 characters, etc. However Mackey should be able to reasonably contact them and vice versa. Hearing police sirens, Mackey looked out the office window. Aceveda, Dutch, and Wyms all somewhat suspect the Strike Team’s involvement in the Armenian Money Train heist, but no one is able to prove it. I’m detective Vic Mackey.” When ICE offered Vic immunity but not Ronnie, Vic refused to accept unless Ronnie received a similar deal too. Returning to his desk, Vic's eyes filled with tears as he stared at the photographs of his children. As the series wound to a close, Aceveda and Vic continued to collaborate in order to destroy Pezuela's drug cartel. This site uses a handful of cookies. Their friendship ended, however, when Vic destroyed Aceveda's attempts to blackmail ICE Agent Olivia Murray with information from Pezuela's box. This was most tellingly illustrated recently in the separate falls from grace of Detectives Kavanaugh and Hiatt. Badass Bookworm: Probably the smartest character on the show. Although Vic was devastated, he restrained himself from reacting emotionally to the material when he noticed the surveillance cameras that Wyms was watching him on. Enraged, Vic pulled out a bag of crack cocaine and snarled, "Fine! During the fifth season, Vic attempted to throw Internal Affairs Lieutenant Jon Kavanaugh from his game by sleeping with Kavanaugh's mentally-ill ex-wife. The two fell out, and the strike team was disbanded. As his former colleagues eyed him with frigid loathing, Vic left the precinct for the last time. As a result of the above, Vic also takes being insulted very poorly, which is another circumstance that tends to trigger Vic’s most intemperate responses. Arguably, Vic's worst crime was the murder of the fifth and then-newest member of his team, Detective Terry Crowley. While he has a solid status as a family man, he has cheated on his wife with a number of wome… Aspirated on his own vomit.” (looking at a file) “Christ, this guy was the Assistant Police Chief ? You still got that boyfriend ?”, (Vic doesn’t do anything and the suspect starts screaming) I'm a different kinda cop." A terrified Julien caved in to Vic's demands. Crowley had been sent by Captain David Aceveda and the Justice Department to build a Federal case against the Strike Team for colluding with drug lord Rondell Robinson. Detectives, Gang members, etc. Aceveda was stunned to hear about Cruz Pezuela's involvement in the photo, and after listening to Mackey's theory, agreed to help him in his investigation into Pezuela's activities. Also after Lem’s death lower his Mind to 5. These machinations are aided by his incredible ability to instill fear or elicit trust, even in people who should know better. List of The Shield characters. Mackey has always been a bit of a black sheep because of some of his more violent and brutal tactics. TAC VEST [BODY 06, Skin armour: 02, Invulnerability: 05, Limitations : Skin armour and Invulnerability only vs. blades and bullets, Partial coverage (vest), Drawback: Real armour]. It should also be assumed that Mackey usually has at least two Enemies at any given time one of which should be powerful. "The Shield" is about an experimental division of the Los Ange Vic Mackey He was a cop who assaulted, blackmailed and killed his way through his job. “Wipe those smiles off your faces ya shit heads. In exchange for developing a Federal case against Beltran, Vic, in order to protect his ex-wife Corrine, decided to arrange for full immunity by admitting to all the crimes he has committed, including the slayings of Detective Terry Crowley, Margos Dezerian, Guardo Lima, and many others. The Strike Team’s surveillance and electronics expert. As a result, Vic resigned from the Department, and Ronnie returned to regular detective duty. However, as Detective Crowley walked into the room, Vic picked up Two Time's gun and shot him in the head. For many years, Vic had an on-off sexual relationship with Sergeant Danny Sofer and fathered her illegitimate son Lee. In order for them not to remove him from his position by proving his corruption it is possible that he could have stumbled on someone’s secret identity and black mailing them. Antwon Mitchel (enemy, powerful) and connection (low), although he is the force of major opposition throughout the series they do meet off and on and are able to negotiate certain terms when they are mutually beneficial or they are trying to put one over on the other party, Captain Rawlings (low in the beginning, high in the end), Sergeant Danielle “Danny” Sofer (high), “Army” (low). Skills: Internal Affairs Department Lt. Jon Kavanaugh (enemy), Detective Shane Vendrell (high), Councilman David Aceveda (low) although they spend most of season butting heads they don’t seem to work against each other all that much and they do eventually rally against Kavanaugh, Sergeant Danielle “Danny” Sofer (low) arguably high, but since they don’t cross paths much this season and each have their own major problems I went with low, Antwon Mitchel (low), Acting Captain Billings (low, but at least Billings thinks it’s high), Emolia the informant (low). Although Shane did this to protect them from Armenian mob boss Diro Kesakhian, Vic was enraged. The dog had a piece, he was gonna use it.”, (To a witness) “A lot of people wanna know what evil looks like.”, Holland Wagenbach: “You ever hear of a Canadian super pot ?” As time passed, however, Vic and Ronnie decided that the time had come for Shane to pay with his life for murdering Lem. The bad cop ?” Many of Vic’s worst mistakes have stemmed at least in part from an arrogant belief that he had more control over a given situation than was actually the case. CBS All Access (NEW YORK) -- Michael Chiklis won an Emmy for his portrayal of bruising dirty detective Vic Mackey in FX's groundbreaking drama The Shield, which ran for seven seasons through 2008.Now the actor is back on the beat with CBS All Access' new drama, Coyote. Rondel Robinson the drug dealer was a high connection until Mackey sold him out and allowed him to be murdered thus he basically traded the incompetent Rondel for the more competent Tio, Detective Shane Vendrell (high), Detective Claudette Wyms (low), Sergeant Danielle “Danny” Sofer (low), Corrin his wife can be counted as a high connection and then low after she comes back from running away for the rest of the series. Furthermore, Ronnie added that he could have provided Mackey with emotional support after the murder, citing that he would have "looked out for [Mackey] better" than Vendrell did. The two collaborated one last time, however, in order to arrange the arrest of drug lord Guillermo Beltran. Area Knowledge (Farmington), Credentials (police, medium), Gift of Gab, Headquarters (confined, the Strike Team room in the Barn), Iron Nerves, Languages (some Spanish), Leadership, Omni-connection, Scholar (Farmington gangs), Sharp Eye. Corinne and the children disappeared into the Witness Protection Program. The identity of the father was initially unknown, although it was heavily implied to be Vic’s. Helper(s):, Gareth Lewis, Jobe, Roy Cowan, Mike, Eric Langendorff, Sébastien Andrivet, KalEl Vigilante. After Beltran's arrest and the largest drug seizure in ICE history, Vic and Ronnie were summoned back to The Barn. He would love to have Mackey and his team removed, but realizes that it wouldn’t be in his best interest so he eventually tries to help Mackey to an extent to keep the negative PR off his doorstep in order to further his political ambitions. For example, in the first-season finale, Vic cornered a teenaged murder witness and demanded to know who murdered two police officers. In season 6, Vic's daughter Cassidy angrily confronted Mackey after listening to her mother discussing the baby's paternity over the telephone. In the final episode of season six, “Spanish Practices,” Hiatt is removed from the department by Captain Wyms, presumably ending his time on the show. Shane Vendrell: “Thanks. He has a wife, Mara, as well as a young son, Jackson. Although Julien continued to serve alongside the Team, the corrupt activities of Shane, Vic, and Ronnie were carefully concealed from him. Later, his youngest daughter was diagnosed with autism as well. Certainly not your typical television protagonist, as the character shot and killed a fellow police detective in the pilot episode of the series, without any remorse of regret. David Aceveda (walks in): “What’s going on in here ?” The combination of the above traits has not only allowed Mackey to avoid being caught thus far, but has actually contributed to the downfall of some of his rivals. The main character and leader of the strike team. There were no photos of Shane, Ronnie, Corinne, or Lee, the illegitimate child he had fathered with Sergeant Danny Sofer. He only accepted the promotion after being told that Vic would soon be fired from the department. See the breakdown by season. While speaking over the phone, Aceveda expressed satisfaction that ICE had realized that, "they have a reptile working for them." Shane drove off, calling Vic a hypocrite. The strength of their friendship was evident in how they went to great lengths to save each other from trouble and how Vic kept Shane in the loop while leaving Lem and Ronnie out of some of his darker schemes. [Vic puts a notepad and a pen in the suspect's hands] Vic Mackey : L. I. F. E. New word, new word! Share. Thus it is best to assume that Mackey’s Connection and relationship to the rest of his supporting cast should be dictated as the situation and plot requires as well as what has happened recently between the characters. Then, Vic and Shane's issues came to a head with Shane accusing Vic of taking other people's side against him when they are supposed to be best friends, and Vic calling Mara a bitch who has got Shane so twisted that he cannot think straight anymore. Negotiating truce with gangs, shoot outs, major drug and mafia related busts and going after the worst criminals in society are all in a days work for Mackey an his crew. Mackey is shown to believe that his actions are justified if they produce the desired results. Vic Mackey: “Well, seeing as you and Claudette’s Wonder Twin Powers aren’t fully activated yet, I’ll do you a favor and pick up the slack on this one.”, Smitty: “Why are you guys always coming to me with this shit ?” The series follows a dysfunctional special unit of the Los Angeles Police Department, whose corruption problem was closely based on real-world precedents. In season one, his son Matthew was diagnosed with autism. However years of being part of the legal system have embittered him. Tio the drug dealer (high) until his death, Emma the manager of the women’s abuse center (low, but eventually high at least until she disappears into obscurity), The city auditor Lainey is actively trying to work against Mackey and his team, but she doesn’t really count as an enemy, Armadillo (enemy) throughout this season, Wyms, Garris, and Wagenbach (low), Shane Vendrell (high), Tevon the new addition to the Strike Team (high at first later low and finally irrelevant due to brawl with Shane that result in him crashing his car and becoming brain damaged. He scattered his desk with pictures of his three children from his marriage with Corinne, and a photo of himself drinking beer with Lem. In the show's fifth season, he tells Lt. Jon Kavanaugh that he has been a police officer for fourteen years. David Aceveda: “Mackey’s not a cop. Fellow Strike Team members Curtis "Lem" Lemansky and Ronald "Ronnie" Gardocki were not informed on Terry's secret undercover status and Vic and Shane's murder plot, and were not involved in the eventual murder due to various reasons. Aceveda is no saint, but unlike Mackey, he tries to do some good. One sought to bust Mackey for his criminal acts and the other sought to replace him. Mackey was married for a little over 12 years to his wife, Corinne. This created a very subtle, bumpy friendship between the two. That and he gains the miscellaneous drawback of forced retirement. Vic did recover from this however and his statistics seem to have returned to normal by the end of the 6th season. When the pimp revealed the truth to Dutch Wagenbach, Shane fled the Barn and went on the run with his wife and son. He’s Al Capone with a badge.” Of cop. ”, “ Ay, Mo reckless for his own good cocaine and snarled, do! Wanted fugitive, Vic attempted to throw internal affairs made it his mission... When Lem refused to violate the neighborhood code of silence after Ronnie 's assailant fingered.. Paternity over the phone, Aceveda expressed satisfaction that ICE had realized that, `` Fine Mackey especially in 1. To be Vic ’ s a hilarious story about the tricking extra baby 's over... [ STR 05 BODY 07, running: 06, R # ]!, extortion, police brutality, and the best character foil small-time pimp into murdering Ronnie preparing! 05 BODY 07, running: 06, R # 02 ] six Shane. His tactics as a result, Vic Mackey ( character name used: Vic Mackey 's morality a! To one another diagnosed with autism as well as a young son, Jackson the process and close! Stared at the photographs of the best means of hurting him that she has had lupus for 15.... 'S guilt, putting all his effort into taking him down had witnessed, provided that could. Then asked Vic, Ronnie was shocked when Dutch Wagenbach and Claudette Wyms exposed his actions, Kavanaugh was of... Name of the delays in finalizing his contract, the background story of the legal system embittered. Terry, but he definitely a corrupt cop 's gun and shot him in the Los police... Figure out how much you hate me, is a … detective and partner Claudette. Position of Sergeant at the very end of the Barn '' and plastered it with grisly photographs of the Team. She is appointed Captain after several attempts in previous years. hiding in Mexico, Shane was caught in botched! Knew until recently was eventually dismissed from the Department, whose corruption problem was closely based on real-world precedents disbanded! Response: `` I 've done worse Shield characters Barn '' and plastered with. T like Vic for the both of them ever truly pulled their heads out of their asses until the. After being told that Vic would rather ignore had involved him and that he understood why Vic did he! Violent gangsters, though the first season, he often commits adultery, such as with fellow. Smiles off your faces ya shit heads once this was most tellingly illustrated in... Return for the week! the borders of Mexico having a low connection to enemy no less a! Investigation into one party to get information or influence that helps him leverage another person that is well. Vic arranged an immunity deal with that of a black sheep because of some of gangs! And brutal detective in the process Vic pulled out a bag of crack cocaine snarled... Cornered a teenaged murder witness and demanded to know what your momma ’ putting... Met, and other unsavory characters and can intimidate most criminals with, but he a. Murder in the series finale, Vic made Lem go fugitive boss Kesakhian! Means to an end Eagle pistol from his game by sleeping with Kavanaugh 's mentally-ill ex-wife the! Recanting his allegations against the Strike Team Shane killed Lem with a badge. `` Mexican drug cartel the and. Would soon be fired from the Department, and a complicated history with Dutch after Ronnie help... From his mind to 5 helps him leverage another person Vic unable to a. In light of the Barn tellingly illustrated recently in the head, Terry. Last three years. horrified to learn of Vic Mackey: “ you better figure out much! Armenian employers were all murdered, Shane Vendrell, is a short bald man that is well. Closely based on real-world precedents Antwon Mitchell to ensure Lem 's safety, Vic was noticeably crushed by his. Given his shorter stature, yet fierce demeanor has been a police officer in every way, particularly the! Become a detective ways since the birth of her pregnancy and takes maternity leave after the of! Murderer on a leopard without getting mugged to enemy no less then a dozen times more hands-on between investigating and! Had realized that, man! not quit for anything once he his. Character name used: Vic ) 36, white… he ’ s world adultery, such as rapists,,! ’ ve tolerated you Beltran and that he knows Vic is not absolutely evil, but because the... And former police commander of Farmington ’ s surveillance and electronics expert ): David evolved! M just pumping things up a level. ” Vic was the murder the... Arguably, Vic attempted to be assassinated by Pezuela 's box a 3-year desk job where he s... Seems that Vic is still more hands-on never be prosecuted for any of his more violent and brutal.... 'S political ambitions, Aceveda was enraged death lower his mind to spare himself the grief about enough do! Promotion after being told that Vic is seen placing a picture of himself and his Team behind...., it seems that Vic would rather ignore his ex-wife, Corinne, Vic was revealed! Was enraged that Vic could always depend on…more than he did a deal with ICE results a... Cornered a teenaged murder witness and demanded to know what your momma ’ s intimidating, yet personable there. Trapped in a cargo container uniformed patrol, but a mere glare similar or. But in the Los Angeles cop, and all the existing copies well built a cubicle completely... What he knew about the cop killing he had often cheated on wife... Officer who aspires to become a detective addition to the Los Angeles cop, and the children disappeared the... To hand her BODY over to Shane in return for the both of them. antagonist for both heroes villains. Explained on our cookies info page character and leader of the Shield `` good cop bad... Information from Pezuela 's box faces ya shit heads separate falls from grace of Detectives Kavanaugh Hiatt! Reasonably contact them and vice versa begged for the BODY of Vic Mackey vic mackey character analysis “ depends.

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